My Valentine


We know, the best presents are personal ones.

But in the day and age when everyone has everything already,

year after year we stand before the same question:

what to give to the loved ones on valentines day?



We want to give something, that doesn't go into the bin after a month.

Something that doesn't just stand around to collect dust.

Something that shows, you put thought into it. 


 A great solution is to give a personalized illustration (for example of them, their pet or you together)

or a photograph that represents a memory that you share. 

If they don't have one yet, a camera is also a great gift, to document future memories.

And you don't necessarily have to spend a lot of money for that-

a second hand 35mm analog camera is available for as little money as 25,- on pages such as Amazon and eBay.

You could also check out a local flee-market, where you might get one for even less.



Valentines day isn't reserved for lovers-

surprising good friends or family members with a a nice gesture can sweeten their day.


To make your photos more special you can print them on a canvas, wood or other materials

(which you can do in every other print shop and many big stores, like MediaMarkt).




You can book photoshoots with me or send already taken images that you want to have edited,

as well as order personalized illustrations. 


This is the illustration I will gift my boyfriend this year.
I turned an old photo into a family portrait.

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