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About me

Originally I am from Cologne, Germany, but I've been living in Valencia, Spain for the past 6 years. I speak English, German and Spanish fluently.


My studies include a high school diploma with the focus on design and two apprenticeships- one in Photography and Design and one in Ceramic Art.

At the moment I am doing a Bachelor in Photography and Audiovisual Art.


Additionally I did several internships, including a one-year internship with an interior designer in Cologne (Eiting Räume), an internship at a graphic-design agency (Kühle & Mozer) and an internship with a photographer (Pepe Zaragozi).


For the past four years I have been working for the company Pinturas Colom. The job consists in creating content for their social media platforms and their website, by taking photos and videos of their products and creating illustrations, which you can find here.

I work as a model as well and have been doing commissioned work as a designer/illustrator for the past few years.