Student App 'Mi esd'


We created an app to simplify university-relevant material, such as timetables, calendars, grades, etc., and have them all in one place. It keeps students updated, involved and sends reminders for deadlines/events.

Transition animation

Using Adobe AfterEffects, I animated pop-up transitions for a phone app.

Redesign for the brand Alain Afflelou

In this project we analized the current system design strategy of the brand, located the opportunities to improve and to find more innovative solutions. Based off the data collected, we came up with this proposal.

Organizer web-App

I designed this organizer web-app, which includes: a log-in page, a landing page, a real-time calender, a contact list and a to-do list. I then programmed it using HTML, CSS and JavaScript, which is what you can see here.

APP Logo design

Here, I created the icon for a phone application.